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Get ready for action-packed,
retro fun in this top-down arcade game!

Eight years ago, the superpowers of the world created the International Alliance to stop the evil Kraken group from taking over the world. Fearing the possible return, the Alliance recruits our little pixelated hero, Leo, to investigate.

Game Features

  • Demolish the Evil Factory!

    Demolish the Evil Factory!
    Battle your way down into the Kraken's Antarctic laboratory to uncover their evil plan and stop their twisted creations!
  • Showdown Against Big, Bad Kraken Bosses

    Showdown Against Big, Bad Kraken Bosses
    Skip the cannon-fodder and head straight into boss battles in epic 8-bit action.
  • Equip Your Hero

    Equip Your Hero
    Collect blueprints to build new weapons and different helmets for battle boosts.

Surprise Visit!DFO’s boss ‘Lotus’
makes an appearance.