After The End Forsaken Destiny


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In a land filled with unknown power, there exists the ‘Etaceh’ -
a tribe tasked with protecting the future and fate of the land
from evil spirits.

The Father was chosen to undertake the sacred journey to destroy the evil spirits.
His fate left unknown.

Soon, his son is chosen to undertake the sacred journey. However, he is also searching for his father's fate.
Two journeys, separated by time, connected by fate.

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Game Features

    Master a variety of complex puzzles that
    surround you! Turn hidden levers and press
    secret switches to create new pathways.
    Utilizing highly stylized 3d artwork, After The
    End: Forsaken Destiny creates a world full of
    emotion, feeling and intrigue.
    Experience the parallel journeys of a father
    and son, separate but intertwined. See
    whether they will ever be reconnected in the end.